Sizing Kit


A set of 10 blank nails. Use these to find your perfect size!

Sizing Kits are FREE with purchase of a set to US customers! 
1. Select the set(s) you’d liked and select CUSTOM under sizing.
2. In the comment box ask for a free kit!
3. We will send your kit out FIRST. After you size your nails, email us at with your order number and your sizes!


If you are buying a standard size set and want a free kit it will be delivered all at once with your order.

International Customers Must Purchase a sizing kit.

Customers are responsible for knowing their sizes. Small, Medium, and Large are general sizes and will not fit everyone and custom size nails are recommended. Refunds and/or exchanges are not accepted. 

How to size: Sizing your nails is easy! Simply, place the fake nail on your natural nail and see which nails fit comfortably. The fake nail should cover the whole nail bed without covering the cuticle at all!
Always size your nails from thumb to pinky (ex: 0, 3, 2, 5, 7)