Understanding your nail size is vital
when ordering nails from our brand!


You have a few options when it comes to ordering your correct nail size.

Purchase a Sizing Kit

1.Sizing kits are available for purchase under our Prep and Care Section 

2. Purchase a general size. For example: If you don't know your size but know you have small hands, order a small. Small, Medium and Large will fit most customers just fine! 






I got the wrong size, can I return or exchange?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our product, we can not accepts returns or exchanges. You must be sure of your size before you order. All sales are finale.


Two of my fingers are the same size, is that right?

It is perfectly normal for multiple fingers to be the same size. But It's always good to double check!


I have wide nail beds, will these fit me?

It's always best to order a sizing kit to be sure our nails will fit you.