General Information



“I don’t know my sizes!?”

Sizing Kits are FREE with purchase of a MTO CUSTOM SIZED set for US customers! 

1. Select the set(s) you’d like and select CUSTOM under sizing.
2. In the comment box ask for a free kit!
3. We will send your kit out FIRST. After you size your nails, email us at with your order number and your sizes!


If you are buying a standard size set and want a free kit , please add it to your cart (prep and care section)


Unfortunately, International Customers must purchase a sizing kit in the Prep and Care section. Sizing kits must be purchased in advance of custom sized orders for international orders. 

Customers are responsible for knowing their sizes. Small, Medium, and Large are general sizes and will not fit everyone and custom size nails are recommended. Refunds and/or exchanges are not accepted. 

Sizing Kits are available for purchase in the Prep and Care Section.

  Small sizes:
Medium sizes:
Large sizes:



Processing Time


Ready to ship (RTS) 3-5 business days

 All Made To Order (MTO) press-on nails can take around to 3 weeks to complete. This is an estimate. Made to order nails are hand painted and do not exist until the order is placed. Thank you for being patient as we provide you with the best possible product. If you are in a rush/have a close deadline, please reach out before you order. We will do our best to accommodate you. 

Processing time is separate from shipping speed. You are able to pay for priority shipping at checkout however this only effects how fast your order gets to you once shipped.