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Announcement as of 11/28/2022

Valued Customers, 

As many of you know I've taken some time off for family concerns and mental health. Unfortunately, some orders were missed during this time. Many of you have reached out and your orders are on the way. Kuticle is open and back in full swing. As an apology and a thank you for your patience. Every customer with an overdue order from before November will receive a $100 gift card sent to their email. Running a small business alone isn't easy, but every day I'm incredible grateful for your support.

- Kasual


“I got an email but tracking hasn’t updated. Where is my package.”

Customers receive an email when THEIR LABEL HAS BEEN PRINTED. We print labels in advance of shipment. It will send you a tracking number for your package. DO NOT PANIC IF YOUR NUMBER DOESN'T UPDATE. IT WILL.

USPS sometimes doesn’t scan a package right away. Sometimes they don’t scan a package until it reaches its destination city. Nothing has happened to your package. Please be calm and patient. Your tracking number will update. There is no need to email asking for updates. 

For other questions or concerns please contact us via email.


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